Where will your children go to school?

Will you enroll them in a school close to home or in a school across town that provides special programming?

Where do children from your neighborhood go to school? Do children from the school that your children attend live in your community?

How do you make a decision with so many education options -- the DC Public Schools out-of-boundary process and DC Public Charter Schools?

Choosing a school in DC can be confusing and we (the Code for DC Education Project) hope to support family decisions with data. We recognize that the "right" school for your children can be evaluated not just by standardized test scores, but by teacher turnover, parent involvement, special programming, community and more. We have built this tool starting with school populations by neighborhood, and gradually plan to add information we collect from the city, from NGOs, the private sector, and you!

Questions? Contact us at edu@codefordc.org.

Want to help? Coders needed! Join us at the next Code for DC meetup. Here are some upcoming goals (see our GitHub issues for more):

  • Let users filter by school type
  • Show facts about each school as it's selected
  • "Underlay" demographic or other data about neighborhood clusters
  • Improve software architecture and ability to pull from data sources
  • Export data and images

Code for DC is the local chapter of Code for America. Thanks to OSSE for providing data.